“Sorrisa Group Inc., a privately held food development company, was founded in 2017 by Sam Jaafar to develop and deliver exciting, new private label and national branded food products.”
Created out of a passion for fun food, Sorrisa Group Inc. works intimately with food manufacturers to assist retailers in realizing their unique product ideas. We also develop innovative food products for our own Heavenfull brand.
Our first product
Sorrisa is Italian for “smile” and that’s exactly the reaction our products inspire from retailers and consumers.
For example, the initial first-of-its-kind food item we developed and delivered was an ice cream product. It was an instant success that disrupted the category, expanded sales and margins for retailers, and had consumers across North America coming back for more.
What sets us apart
We don’t produce “me-too” products
Every food item we develop is something that previously didn’t exist in North America.
Exceptional speed to market
When you have a new food idea you’re excited about, you want to get it into your stores as soon as possible. We hear you. The typical industry standard is 12-16 months for a new food item to go from concept to shelf. Collaborate with Sorrisa Group Inc. and your development and delivering time will be 4 months.
Never believe in never
Deliver the highest quality in everything we do
Always think outside the box
The Customer is always first
Take the time to understand what the customer wants & needs
Believe in what you sell
Sam Jaafar
ceo & owner
Sam worked for over a decade with a food manufacturer in Toronto, focused on building sales. As a high integrity sales professional possessing a strong work ethic, he was able to achieve exceptional results for the company. Sam is now focused on building the Sorrisa Group as the CEO/ Owner while looking to disrupt the packaged foods industry with innovative and exciting product offerings.
Sam is driven, focused and uses his professional sales acumen to service his clients well. He loves leading the Sorrisa Group Team and promises to deliver outstanding results in the North American market.
Rory has enjoyed a career that spans nearly 40 years in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. He has led sales teams at Coca-Cola Ltd. Canada, Small Fry Snack Foods, Nabisco Ltd and Kraft Canada. He has enjoyed General Manager roles at Coca-Cola Ltd. and Canada Bread Company Ltd, where he retired as a Senior Vice President of the Company.
He formed The Blueglass Consulting Group in 2012 and successfully developed businesses and leadership capabilities of many clients. His experience developing businesses in the USA and Canada, and his knowledge of both markets from a strategic and tactical perspective will serve the Sorrisa Group well.
Stefan has 10 years of experience in the consumer packaged goods industry in field sales and operations, namely in beverage and bakery categories.
He has led teams in logistics and sales planning. His skill set includes enterprise wide demand planning and forecasting, sales operations & planning, customer management and product development.
Stefan is organizationally agile and has an industrious work ethic. He is always committed to driving customer value.
Randy brings over 40 years experience of bakery and retail in the food retail industry to the Sorrisa Group team. His meticulous attention to detail helps the group go from A to B and beyond.
Majdi is dedicated to the business’s financial vision. He is skilled at developing a solid business plan to align with the company’s objectives and is a master at ensuring records are up to date and error-free.
Rose is a passionate Account Manager with over 20 years of experience in the food and financial industry.Being a driven individual, she thrives by being challenged and solving multiple problems at the same time.
Chris Ostrowski
Logistic Manager
Christopher has 9 years of experience in the food manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and transportation industry. He has a Supply Chain Management – Global Logistics Certificate from Seneca College. He has a keen eye for detail and is skilled in negotiating, demand planning, and process improvement.
Larissa Korkina
Technical Services
Larissa is a passionate and experienced food scientist with over 25 years of Canadian experience and expert level knowledge in all food quality management programs in Canada and United States, as well as the respective government regulations and standards. She has a diverse range of expertise in all aspects of food product development from research to market requirements to fulfill the ultimate objective of a commercially marketable product.
Her other passion is teaching food science courses which stems from the personal satisfaction she obtains by helping others to obtain numerous benefits education brings to achieve better possibilities in career and personal growth.
Mary Maurini
Mary helps drive Sorrisa Group sales in Canada. Mary has many years of experience in servicing major retailers and supporting them with outstanding products that give the consumer delicious taste adventures.
She brings her personality and experience to Sorrisa Group and is helping to develop new and amazing brands and delivering even more innovative products to the marketplace.
George Querubin
With 8+ years in the design industry, George is an experienced senior designer and creative director. He excels in crafting compelling stories and ideas that resonate with audiences and drive results. George's track record includes working alongside big box retailers, leading national campaigns in design, and delivering comprehensive design support across various settings—agency, client-side, B2C/B2B, and commercial brands.
Nakisa Rad
arash Behravan
Business & IT Manager
Arash Behravan brings over 20 years of experience leveraging technology solutions and data analysis to empower and support strategic management and business operations.
His extensive experience working with the food manufacturing industry combined with his breadth of knowledge and expertise in designing and deploying data systems are a strong asset to Sorrisa’s business intelligence.